Beta stage

Our site is brand new, and at this stage we are running a beta version of it. During all of our beta stage we shall be selling our courses at special introductory prices!

Free seminars

Our free seminars are just a little way to give something back to the community, and also allow you to sample our courses, expand your sonic horizons, and learn how to create better music.

Out seminars cover a vast array or fields related to synthesis and music, and are given by professional high-profile musicians.


Bring a friend and get a discount!

  • Do you have friends that might want to study at Synth School?

  • Want to help them out with a discount?

  • Want to get a bigger discount yourself?

Refer your friends to us, and finance your studies!

  • For each friend you refer that purchases one of our courses you get a free lesson (36$ worth).

  • Refer 6 students, and you can join one of our courses - for free!

How it works:
At the moment, the site is under construction, we are working on the software to manage this feature automatically. However - with or without software, the deal is on! For now you can use the simple method of email. To receive the discounts, both referrer and referee need to contact us. You may accumulate discounts!