About Us


In recent years the world of synthesis is rapidly growing, evolving and leaving its mark in popular music. Endless preset lists have ceased to suffice for the seriouse musician who needs a personal accurate and distinct sound. Today, more then ever, knowledge in synthesis is the key for unique and personal expression. Fully controlling the way music is created and behaves, is the only way to guarantee a real advantage in todays competitive industry.

Synth School is an online school for teaching the secrets of sound synthesis. Its goal is to provide the best solutions for learning sound synthesis and digital music production. Synth School's teachers are all experts in their own fields, using innovative tutoring techniques that provide the students with maximum practical impact.


Synth School covers a large scope of subjects ranging from basic synthesis, through sampling, and advanced modular synthesis. It also offers music theory courses, and DSP programing courses as a valuable compliment. While most of our current courses are in english, we are now also working on providing lessons in French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

E-learning has been growing rapidly lately, and this is not a coincidence. Today's technology allows people from all over the world to easily meet and share knowledge, based on mutual interests - from the convenience of their own home. Synth School takes this concept one step further. Our online community is full of bright synthesis buffs, students and musicians sharing knowledge and friendship. Studying in groups, besides having educational values, creates friendships and bonds people.

Synth School features realtime online courses using streaming audio and video, PDF presentations, chat and example files offering a personal, rich and immersive learning experience. Special synthesis workshops and master-classes, are frequently hosted by special guests including leading experts in the industry. If one on one is more your thing, Synth School also offers private lesson bookings with external music teachers via skype.

All of Synth School's courses, seminars and workshop's are designed to provide immediate practical knowledge, with each meeting significantly enhancing the students ability to make music and synthesize sounds. Once the students have got the practical basics, they are invited to join the more advanced courses to help refine their skills.

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