Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Synth School's most frequently asked questions.

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Q: Do i need to buy any kind of software to join the courses?

A: On the beginner courses you don't need to buy any software. We provide you with plug-ins we made, or links to free software. The more advanced courses usually require some sort of software, depending on the course.


Q: I can't log into the website, and i can't retrieve my password or user-name

A: You can use the following pages for password recovery or username recovery, if you still can't recover those, contact us and we will recover your user-name


Q: I don't know how to access the webseminar/conference

A: The link is located in your course page, just below the course description. Look for the words "Live Lesson".


Q: What happens if im not happy with the courses?

A: If you have attended the first two lessons of the course and are not happy with our service, we will issue a full refund! If you have attended 3 or more lessons then we will charge for the lessons you took before deciding to quit.


Q: I have to leave this semester in short notice. Can i take the next semester with no extra charge?

A: Yes you may. However we are constantly reforming our courses, if you delay the next semester too long, changes in the course system may prevent that. If such a case occurs you will still have access to all of the videos in the course from the archives.