Music Theory courses

Music is perceived by us humans in four dimensions: pitch, rhythm, form and timbre. While we at Synth School primarily focus on the timbre dimension, we know it is impossible to deeply understand sound synthesis without understanding music - the art of pitch, rhythm and form. Many musicians today struggle to stand out with unique ideas, as they do not have the right musical tools to effectively express their feelings and imagination.

As any art form, music has a set of rules and tools. Those help us make sense of our sonic world. They help us generate emotions and ideas in the form of organized sound. We can use them to our benefit, or break them to achieve musical surprises.  

Who cares about the rules? Everybody does! Each human being alive has a set of musical rules imprinted in his subconsciousness. Rules that he has learned from the moment he was born - just by listening to music. Those rules allow us to understand and enjoy music - even when we don't know we're using them, just like language!

Who create those rules? AH! That's the nice part - musicians do! Music is a great big knowledge-base that evolves with time. It holds information on how to cheer a crowd, or how to make it cry, on how to gently color time, or change one's entire mental state. Come and tap into the knowledge base. Come and tap into music!

If you are a producer, sound engineer, instrument player, and you are struggling to find a tune, define your musical style or generally seeking better understanding as well as practical approach to music theory these courses are for you!

We at Synth School, are constantly preparing new music courses for users at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Synth School's courses use state of the art e-learning tools, including weekly live and interactive audio and video streams, a course management system that has all of the course material and a vibrant student community with forums, chat, and much more! click here to see a demo of a course in action!