Synth School's teachers and staff are amongst the leading experts in music and technology. All of our courses have been tried, tested and polished again and again in live situations. Synth School is dedicated to provide the best teachers and online synthesis related courses on the planet!

Assaf Dar

Assaf Dar - CEO

Assaf is a music producer, composer, arranger and cellist. Assaf has produced and arranged albums for major Israeli record companies like Helicon, NMC, Hed Arzi and MCI, working with top notch artists and professionals of the Israeli music industry. Assaf Has co-founded O-zen an israeli web portal dedicated for the education and promotion of young musicians, and has founded Adern the originator of FleXor - an advanced modular synthesizer.

From 2005 - 2010 Assaf has been the head of the synthesis department at the Resonance college for music, developing new methods for the education of music and synthesis. In 2010 Assaf has started running the department of synthesis at the israeli "Sound School".

Nir Lichtig

Nir Lichtig  - Head of music department

Nir is a musician, composer, singer-songwriter, pianist, keyboard player, arranger and music theory teacher.
In the last 15 years has worked in the Israeli record industry and played with many artist and groups, he has also established his own group called "Altneuband" and is an independent artist. His musical style crosses genres of classical music, jazz and rock.

Nir is also an experienced music theory teacher with vast array of students at all skill levels, and has established unique approach to music theory teaching, ear training, solfège, harmony, voice leading and counterpoint as vital elements in composition.

Yaniv Sela

Yaniv Sela - Head of sampling and DAW department

Yaniv is a music producer, arranger, and a mixing engineer. Yaniv has composed music for commercials, TV series and children shows. During work with JCS (Israel's leading TV production company) Yaniv was responsible for maintaining, tutoring and teaching the post production department, working with israel's leading television and multimedia professionals.

Since 2004 Yaniv has been teaching sound engineering, production, and DAW courses at the "Resonance" college of music, and in "Sapir" college of sound design.