What do the courses include?

You get:

  • Live lessons
    10 lessons, two hours each, with high quality video and audio, chat, screen sharing and more... The lessons are all recorded and uploaded to our site so you can view them whenever you like and not be afraid to miss a lesson! Each class has up to 16 students - for an intimate and efficient learning experience.
  • Online educational content
    Articles, links and videos. Constantly online at your disposal.
  • Personal help
    Over Skype, IM (msn, yahoo, irc), or email.
  • VST effects and synthesizers
    Our great sounding plugins are tailored for synthesis and music teaching. Our students get our special VSTs and educational software along with the course material. You can already download some of our VST instruments for free!
  • Track your progress
    Our course management system allows you to test yourself, track your progress and help you get better faster. Submit homework online, participate in group projects, play educational games, pass tests, all through our website.
  • Vibrant community
    of people who come to learn only for the sake of creating better music. Our students help each other, exchange ideas and become true friends.
  • Personal page
    with a blog to show off your achievements to your friends.

To see the courses syllabus check out the links to our courses.

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